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Why Shred?

Did you know that every year, over 100,000 people are affected by identity fraud? Identity theft is on the rise and these days you can never be sure who to trust and what to trust.

If your company deals with and keeps records of client information, you have a responsibility to dispose of this information securely. Secure Archive Solutions can ensure that your documents will not only be shredded and disposed of securely, but also using eco-friendly methods and recycling.

It is vital to ensure that your company, including all of your employees, are wise to the importance of safe and secure document disposal. The safest and most reliable way to protect your company from document fraud is to shred all documents containing personal & confidential information and dispose of these in an effective manner.

Green Document Disposal

Staying green and the importance of recycling are hot topics at the moment, with everybody doing their bit to cut down on wastage and avoidable emissions. Did you know that 240,000 trees are cut down a year to make paper? So that means in the last 4 years, 1 million trees were cut down to make paper. If you recycle paper, then you can make a dramatic difference to that and save hundreds of thousands of trees. Last year Secure Archive Solutions saved the equivalent of 4500 trees from going to landfill.

Shredding with us means an eco-friendly and reliable way of disposing your documents. The government tries to encourage people to recycle more by charging people when they dump waste in landfills. Secure Archive Solutions is a fast growing business and with your help we can recycle more documents and do our bit for the environment.

So to avoid document fraud and to help the environment, contact Secure Archive Solutions on 0161 929 9499 or e-mail us with your enquiry.

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