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What Should I Shred?

The documents that you and your business should shred are:

  • Salary information
  • Personal data
  • Internal memos
  • Financial reports
  • Budget information
  • Customer information
  • Market information
  • New product development ideas
  • Market research plans & results
  • Sales forecasts
  • End of life media - diskettes, server tapes, CDs, DVDs, videos and audio tapes

If any of the documents listed above got into the hands of the wrong person, there could be unpleasant consequences that could lead to redundancy or even law suites. Once all of these documents have been used and are no longer needed, they should be shredded, not simply ripped up or binned. If documents are shred properly, there is no chance of them ending up in the wrong hands.

Many businesses think it best to keep all of their documents for years on end, just in case, but in most case has closed and it has been over six years since the case was active, there is no need to retain such documents. The safest and most secure way of disposing of these documents is through shredding.

Bank statements and accounts details especially are items that should be shredded. Hacking and fraudulent transactions are so common these days that it is vital for your business to protect themselves.

Secure Archive solutions will make sure that everything that is given to them is shredded and only the employees of Secure Archive Solutions have access to the shredding machines where the documents are shredded. For more information or to enquire about employing any of our shredding services, call 0161 929 9499 or use our online enquiry form for free.

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