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Some storage facilities may not be able to meet the needs for archiving and you may want to use a specialized archive storage firm.

Archive Document Storage

If you are moving offices, having an office clear out or simply looking to make your office space tidier and more organised, archive document storage from Secure Archive Solutions could be just the solution you are looking for.

Customised archive box

Secure Archive Solutions can store all types of documents from files to boxes. When you hear the word files, you think of dozens of files piled up high on a person's desk. But with Secure Archive Solutions, there is no need for any unwanted files to clutter up the workplace. We will take all of your boxed up files and put them in secure storage where you're able to reach them whenever you require them.

The main benefits of document storage with Secure Archive Solutions include:

  • the peace of mind of knowing that your documents are stored safely and securely. Secure isn't just in our name - it's also in our nature. We ensure that your files and documents are stored safely, responsibly, and most of all securely.
  • keeping everything organised can be a daunting, time consuming and laborious task. However, it is a necessary one! Archiving documents encourages organisation within the workplace, and just think of all of that space you will free up with regular offsite document storage!
  • fantastic customer service
  • 2 hour express file delivery service
  • all boxes can be contented to allow retrieval of just the files required rather than full boxes.
  • all items scanned in and out to allow a to the minute inventory of all your boxes.
  • cost effective solution for document archiving
  • storage of Deeds, Wills, Plans, Drawings, Medical records, Insurance certificates
  • boxes are all anonymously archived
  • randomly named box stamp

Secure Archive Solutions is a reliable business which has been serving companies with all of their shredding and archiving needs for over half a decade.

Secure Archive Solutions offer a range of complimentary products idea for making the process of document archiving that bit easier including boxes of varying sizes, packing tape and much more. Secure Archive Solutions provide archive boxes which are especially designed by an archive storage business. These boxes are constructed with document archiving in mind, being tri-thickness and yet maintaining the competitive price of other manufacturer's boxes. These boxes are one of the toughest boxes in the market with a free replacement guarantee whilst in store with us.

We also have a fire vault service for storage of wills, deeds and off-site data storage of server back up tapes. Our fire vault is built with a certified 4 hour fire protection.

Secure Archive Solutions can either come to pick up your documents of you can bring them to us. All of your documents need to be put in the boxes, and to avoid the problem of getting documents mixed up at a later stage, you should keep a record of what file is in which box.

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