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Off-Site Shredding for Businesses

An essential part of the records management process is the secure destruction of records at the end of their life.

Off-site shredding is one of our most popular services as it is an extremely easy way for companies to confidentially dispose of documents and other data materials. Off-site shredding involves the filling of specially provided wheelie bins or sacks. When these are full and sealed or locked, Secure Archive Solutions collect your document container to take away for shredding, leaving you with an empty bin or sack to fill. Collections can be project specific like one offs or scheduled at a frequency to suit your individual business needs. Simple as that.

We can also provide bags, wheelie bins or even consoles to match your office environment.

Shred Bags Shred Bin Wheelie Bin

The benefits of off-site shredding with Secure Archive Solutions include:

  • Secure door-to-door deliveries same day, overnight, next day
  • Secure shredding service
  • Deconstruction Certificate per consignment

Secure Archive Solutions provide a full range of destruction services covering all types of information media - paper, microfilm and magnetic to all levels of security. All destruction is performed to required government and private standards. Destroyed records are recycled wherever possible. We will also issue Destruction Certificates so that you have proof of disposal to cover your duty of care.

SAS is very serious about the security involved with all of their services, but especially its offsite shredding because that is where the greater risk of fraud in many businesses happen. The paper is delivered to our tight security buildings where it is shredded and you can only go into the buildings if you have an ID badge. There are CCTV cameras too so that there is just that extra bit of security for your confidential documents. All our staff wear uniforms with identity passes, and all our vehicles have real time tracking so that we know where all vans are at any one time.

Secure Archive Solutions are an eco-friendly company and recycle all destroyed records wherever possible.

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