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Secure Archive Solutions - What we do for You

Here at Secure Archive Solutions we provide shredding management and document archiving services for you and your business.

We provide the total document management solution from scanning of live information, to the storage of dormant files and the final end of life destruction and recycling.

We tailor the entire service to fit your business needs. Starting with the initial free of charge survey and quotation we provide a fully managed service integrated into your business with the minimal disruption to your operation.

Document Archiving Services

One of our core services at Secure Archive Solutions is document archiving. An archive is defined as an organised body of records relating to an organisation or institution and it is also the name of the place where these records are kept. We provide large areas of space where files and documents can be stored safely and confidentially.

Document archiving with Secure Archive Solutions provides customers with quick and easy access to their document, records and files. Office space is very expensive and hard to get, so the last thing you want is loads of potentially hazardous files and boxes cluttering up the area. With Secure Archive Solutions, you can store as many files and documents as you require, which will not only will to organize your office space and help prevent accidents, but also will help to save you money.

Document Shredding

Documents are very important items yet potentially dangerous, especially if they get in to the hands of the wrong people. Secure Archive Solutions provide a number of shredding services, including both on-site and off-site shredding.

All of the shredding completed by Secure Archive Solutions is eco-friendly, with all of our shredded waste being recycled. Last year, Secure Archive Solutions recycled in excess of 100 tonnes of waste paper - the equivalent to saving 1700 trees from being reduced to pulp. So by using our shredding services you are not only helping yourselves, but you are also helping the environment.

Additional Services

Secure Archive Solutions also provide a number of complimentary additional services including:

  • Office move project management - If your business is relocating, Secure Archive Solutions can help organize your move - from packing, to maneuvering, to planning the layout of your new premises.
  • Equipment storage.
  • Stackable crates for rental, which are available for both long and short-term lease.

All of our services are reliable and cost efficient, with no hidden extra costs. Secure Archive Solutions on 0161 929 9499or use our online enquiry form for free.

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