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scanning document management

Scanning Document Management

Documents can be very important and even valuable items, and when you need to find them quickly, it can be a pain to have to rummage around though dozens of files. Scanning document management is a great way of storing all your files in a neat and easily accessible manner, not to mention freeing up masses of space in your office.

With scanning document management at Secure Archive Solutions, we take all of your files and scan them into one of our state of the art computers and download them onto ordered and clearly labelled disks.

By using scanning document management, you can save valuable time spent sifting through and trying to locate files. As papers and documents are easy to misplace and easily damaged, scanning document management also increases the safety and security of your important business documentation.

Secure Archive Solutions can scan all size documents, and can scan them in both colour and black and white. Scanned documents and files are easier to reach than normal files because all you have to do with the scanned documents is type in the name of the file and it will appear.

Free up space... improve organisation

Office space is very expensive so when you have dozens of files laying around on the floor it could cost you quite a bit of money, not to mention the dangerous hazards. Scanning document management can save you and your staff precious time and valuable floor space.

Storing files on disk rather than in paper format also allows for the easy transportation of files - allowing employees to access files either at work or at home.

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